Pirate Pediatrics is now offering medical grade ear piercing.

​You heard right! After many years of requests, we have finally found top quality medical grade ear piercing. This type of ear piercing can only be performed in a medical setting by medical professionals. The earrings are made out of titanium that is used in surgery- how cool is that? No chance of a nickel allergy reaction.

And it’s clean! The earrings come in separately sealed sterile packages that attach to the piercing instrument for a 100% clean process. Nothing ever touches your child’s ear except for the sterile earring itself. Being that we are a medical office, we are required to keep a clean environment. You will have your own, clean private space during the piercing process.

Worried about pain? Also because we are medical professionals, we can apply numbing cream at your request. Wahoo! The benefits to medical grade ear piercing just keep adding up!!

The piercing comes with a set of titanium earrings- either gold or silver in color, aftercare instructions and a box of cleansing wipes. And did I mention it is all done safely in a clean, private environment by a medical professional?

Because this is medical grade ear piercing, it is not offered anywhere else in our area. Pirate Pediatrics will offer this amazing service to our patients and to others in the community. Please share this wonderful opportunity with your friends!

Check out our booking website for more information and to grab your spot.