Whether or not this is your first child, having a baby can be a challenging and exciting time.

You are getting used to new demands, learning a lot of new things, and your body is going through some pretty incredible changes. That is why at Pirate Pediatrics, our goal is to help you through this!


If you are an expecting parent, congratulations!  We welcome you to Pirate Pediatrics, A Patient Centered Approach for Your Center of Attention.  We would like to meet you and show you around our office. Please contact us or call 252-364-8790 to schedule a prenatal consultation.  Please complete the Prenatal Consult Form  located under the Forms & Documents tab and bring it with you.

While in the hospital, your newborn will be in the capable hands of the hospital’s newborn group. Pirate Pediatrics will see you and your baby a couple of days after leaving the hospital.  Please call our office to schedule an appointment prior to leaving the hospital.  When calling, it is helpful to provide your baby’s Medical Record Number.  You should add your newborn to an insurance plan as soon as possible.  Many insurance companies require you to choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP). If this is the case, please select Pirate Pediatrics.  Selecting a PCP may provide you with a lower copay or with no copay.  Please contact your insurance plan administrator for instructions.

If your newborn will have Medicaid, assistance with the process is provided while your newborn is in the hospital.  After July 1, 2021, Medicaid recipients must select a Prepaid Health Plan.  Pirate Pediatrics is affiliated with HealthyBlue and WellCare.

Please complete the New Patient Packet and bring it with you to your first appointment.

Once you have chosen your baby’s pediatrician, enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy and know your newborn will be in good hands with Pirate Pediatrics.

What to expect at the newborn visit:

Pirate Pediatrics will meet your baby at your first visit.  This usually is a couple of days after discharge from the hospital.  The most common topics discussed at your first visit include the birth history, weight, and feeding plans. We are here to assist with breastfeeding and other concerns.  We can perform tongue tie procedures in the office if needed. Be prepared to answer questions about any complications you may have had during pregnancy and delivery, medications, your medical history, etc. For many parents, one of the highlights of the first visit is the newborn foot tile!

We are grateful you have chosen Pirate Pediatrics to care for your newborn!  We are here by your side during the challenging times to help calm any fears you may have. We are looking forward to many years of developing a relationship with you and your family.

Welcome Aboard!

Special Services: Tongue tie

Breastfeeding? A baby with a tongue tie can lead to painful feeding, difficulty latching and failure for your baby to gain weight. No need for a referral! Let us help you with a quick procedure to release the tongue tie right in the comfort of our office. The difference is immediate!

Here’s what our parents have to say about it…

“Oh wow! I see the difference!! That is so amazing!”
-ES, an amazed mother

“He is latching more deeply now. It doesn’t hurt anymore. Thank you so much!!”
-KM, a relieved mother

“She’s really going to gain weight now!”
-AJ, an excited father

Tongue ties can cause feeding difficulties and they can also interfere with speech as your baby grows. A tongue tie makes it difficult to protrude the tongue forward. Try saying words with the letters “th” in them such as that, they, and thing. Now try saying them if your tongue were held back and it couldn’t move forward. Difficult isn’t it?

Let us help prevent this problem early on when your child is an infant. A quick procedure to release the tongue right in our office is all it takes. Don’t wait until it is too late!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21